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How do I add books to my postal wish list?


  1. First sign in to your account, using your membership number and your password.  If you need this information, please contact Membership Services on 01296 432 339 or send a message to enquiries@calibre.org.uk 
  2. Click on Audio Books
  3. From there, browse our selection of books and click the book title of any you are interested in. This will take you through to the book description page.
  4. Here you will find the Add to post list button. Click on this button and you should receive a message in the bottom right corner of the screen telling you if it was successfully added and the button should change to display the date it was added.
  5. Follow the steps above to continue adding books to your list.
  6. If at any point you wish to view your postal list, you can head to the My Books page, and you’ll see it displayed below your streaming audiobooks.
  7. You are also able to remove books from your reading list on the My Books page. Click on Remove From List and select Okay. A message should appear in the bottom right corner telling you if it was successfully removed.